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Preparado biológico para lecho de fermentación con inoculante bacteriano biológico

Información básica

Modelo:  agent 1L

Descripción del producto

No. de modelo: agente 1L Fábrica: Rizhao, China Inoculante: para cama de fermento Marca registrada: HSB u OEM Origen: China Sutible para: Alimentación orgánica Color: Marrón Uso: Pollo, Perro, Cerdo, Conejo, Oveja, Ganado, Patos, Gansos, Zorro, visón, ciervo, etc.Especificación: 1L, código HS: 310595000
Product introduction
This product is applies to the ferment of padded material for fermentation bed of  pigs, sheep, ducks, geese, rabbits, fox, mink, deer and other animals.It was developed by compound the lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, actinomycetes,etc..It is a highly effective bio-fermentation agents.The content of effective living bacteria is more than 200 million / ml.

Main function
It can create micro-ecological ferment bed after this product mix with the padded material of fermentation bed,which can decompose and convert the organic of excrement of animals fully.It also can reduce and decompose harmful gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide,remove off-flavor,improve the environment of the animal's house.
Beneficial bacteria can produce physiological activator such as antiviral agent and somatomedin during the breeding process.It can increase the disease resistance of livestock and reduce diseases obviously
This product can balance the gastrointestinal flora,promote the absorption of  nutritions,increase the feed conversion,make the cost of feed down and slaughter in advance
Improve the quality of livestock and poultry products.

Applies to pigs, sheep, cattle, ducks, geese, rabbits, fox, mink, deer and other animals
1L diluted 1:50 mixed with 1 cube of organic padding material, keep the humidity at 30%-40%, fermentation time of 3-5 days at summer, 7-10 days at winter.






Packing specification
\ n \ n * Nota: la cantidad mínima de pedido y el precio se basan en el término EXW. \ n \ nLos precios están sujetos a cambios en función de la cantidad. \ nPls en contacto con nosotros si los productos se abren a su satisfacción. \ n \ n \ n

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